Editorial Services

You’ve completed your writing project, revised, and edited, but you still might want a fresh, professional pair of eyes to review your work. I offer a variety of editorial and critique services that will bring your writing to the next level.  Whether you’re looking for an agent, a publishing contract, or even a polished college application essay, I can help you.

I’m a contributor to the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market, with over seven years of experience teaching English and creative writing at the university level, and have presented workshops on queries and the craft of writing at SCBWI conferences and writing centers in the Philadelphia area.


Query Critique (1 review): $30

I specialize in queries (my own had a 50% request rate with agents). I will mostly edit for content and readability in your plot summary, pointing out the ways you can excite and entice an agent into requesting your manuscript. Light line editing will accompany my comments on content. This package includes 1 review of your query.

Query Critique (2 reviews): $45

Many writers end up completely rewriting their queries after they receive my notes. This is a great package to make sure your revised query is strong and ready to wow your future agent.

Additional Query Critiques: $10/review

Are you a perfectionist? Or maybe you just need one more look at your query. I can review your query as many times as you like when you add on this package.



Partial Manuscript Review (50 pages): $150

In a partial manuscript review I will offer comments and notes on the content of your story, looking particularly at character development, dialogue, pacing, setting, tone, and plot. This critique will let you know if your manuscript is on the right track, and offer you ways to advance your story telling. I will also complete light line edits, calling to note any major issues in grammar. This package will also include a 2 page edit letter summing up all of the big picture issues.

Full Manuscript Review: $3/Page

A complete review of your manuscript with light line editing, a 3 page edit letter, and in-depth comments that focus on content and story, offering suggestions to deepen and layer the text with more meaning, symbolism, and impact.



Essay Content Brainstorming, Review, and Editing: $150

In this package, I will read your essay prompt and work with you to brainstorm a strategy for your response (via skype), and offer up to 4 complete reviews of your essay, including content critiques, and line editing.

Email me at frankie.mallis@gmail.com to get started.







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